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Proxy voting and Engagement activities: being a responsible investor

Support sustainable development

Each and every one of us can, in our own particular way, do our bit for sustainable development. That includes investors! To this end, in 2006, the United Nations inaugurated their Principles for Responsible Investment, or “PRIs”, for short

As a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, Candriam pays particular attention to the corporate governance policies, structures and practices of the companies in which it invests on behalf of its customers and the funds under management. Candriam is convinced that sound corporate governance practices deliver long-term shareholder value.

Since 2003, Candriam has implemented an active voting policy and undertaken to exercise the voting rights associated with the equities managed on its clients’ behalf.

The basic principles underlying our voting policy are: a respect for human rights, fair treatment for all shareholders, the accuracy of the financial information and a responsible and independent Board of Directors.

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2015 Proxy Voting Review

In 2015, Candriam participated in 258 ordinary and extraordinary general meetings (compared to 123 in 2014) and voted on 4072 resolutions. The surge in the number of meetings is mainly due to the increase in our proxy voting scope, which is now international. Candriam participated in 145 meetings of European companies and 113 meetings of companies ex-Europe.

Discover the proxy voting activities exercised in 2015

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Encouraging good corporate practices in the ESG field

Candriam undertakes to act, and always over the long term, in the best interests of its clients, and to support the initiatives of any other party similarly engaged.

This way, we seek to be a driving and unifying force in that area, leading by example and encouraging others to improve their communications on corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges.

The engagement activities undertaken by Candriam to monitor its clients’ investments in companies can take different forms:

  • Dialoguing with companies
  • Joining collaborative engagement initiatives
  • Exercising voting rights
  • Promoting sustainable development

In 2015, Candriam took a step further, in its promotion, at company level, of three long-term engagement topics: Corruption, Energy Transition and Well-being at Work.

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