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Carbon Footprint method used by Candriam

For the calculation of the carbon footprint of its SRI portfolios Candriam uses the services of Trucost, one of the world’s leading environmental data providers.

Candriam carbon footprint measurement is based on scope 1 emissions (direct emissions) and scope 2 (indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy).

Candriam has decided to deliver the portfolio carbon footprint expressed in tons CO2 eq /mio of revenues of investee companies.

In order to get this, we use

  • The % the portfolio owned in the different companies ( % of total enterprise value) This is used to capture the CO2 emissions of the investee company that is related to the portfolio position in the company
  • The investee company revenues are used to allow comparison between companies having different sizes.

The overall portfolio footprint are expressed as tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (tons CO2 e)/ company revenues.