27 NOV.


Carbon Data Sources

Candriam uses the services of Trucost, one of the world’s leading environmental data providers.

For every company assessed, Trucost models the data using an econometric model and the specific sectors/activities in which the company operates (464 segments). This model is used in different situations :

  • to estimate the carbon footprint of a company when the data are not disclosed by the company,
  • to check whether there are some incongruences between the carbon footprint resulted by the model and the data published by the company. In this case, Trucost contacts the company to better identify the sources of the incongruences. In some cases, it appears that the companies don’t disclose on their entire perimeter (geographic perimeter or GHG emissions perimeter). This is particularly useful in emerging markets where companies disclose the information on a partial perimeter.

The specific steps of each company analysis are

  • Data collection: environmental data are collected from different sources such as Sustainability and Annual report
  • Data modeling to create an Environmental profile for the companies according to their activities and the subsectors in which they operate
  • Systematic engagement with the companies before the publication of the data: to check the incongruences between the model’s result and the published data or only to discuss the result with the company in the case no incongruences are discovered.

The carbon data used are those available for the year 2014 or, in the absence of such data, those for the year 2013.