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Making the Planet Great Again

Candriam Takes Part in Investor Decarbonisation Initiative

Candriam Investors Group is proud to be among investors managing more than $1 trillion that is calling on the corporate world to adopt ambitious, science-based climate targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the global Paris Agreement, and commit to cleaner forms of energy.

Alongside more than 60 major shareholders, Candriam sent letters to the chief executives of 15 companies, including household names like The Walt Disney Company, Netflix, and Morrisons, as well as high carbon emitters in the power generation and cement sectors. The project, the Investor Decarbonisation Initiative, is coordinated by the UK-based ShareAction charity.

Investors on their own can’t make the planet great again,” said Isabelle Cabie, Global Head of Responsible Development at Candriam. “But they can create a more enlightened investor dialogue with companies and achieve a virtuous circle of responsible investing and operating practice.” 

For too long, social and environmental challenges have been seen as constraints on investment returns. Capital markets must play a decisive role in the successful transition to a low-carbon economy. Investors want low-carbon business models, and leadership from investors can provide vital encouragement to companies that recognise the need for low-carbon transition.

Candriam believes that sustainable, long-term thinking will be rewarded, and that investors can achieve their financial objectives whilst helping to solve the complex global problems that threaten human well-being and development.