meeting Clients'Needs

At Candriam we are deeply committed to trust, transparency and forming close relationships with our clients. With a network of client relationship managers on the ground in Europe and the Middle East, we have in-depth understanding of the specific needs of the local investors that we serve.

Responbible clients

Top-quality client service

We always place our clients’ needs first, and this is reflected in the broad acknowledgement of the quality of the service we provide our investors.

We always strive to ensure that our advice, products and services are of the highest quality. For Candriam, trust, transparency, and a proactive approach are all essential factors in building successful long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our partnership philosophy

Candriam is committed to building long-term trusted client partnerships based on Conviction and Responsibility. That is the reason why at Candriam we developed a Client Charter which faithfully reflects the values that are of importance to us and which we have particularly further developed since 2014, when those values became embedded in the Candriam name.

Candriam stands for: Conviction and Responsibility in Asset Management

Our commitments include keeping the client at the center of our business, which we have done for the past 20 years and our Charter is a testimony to this.


  • Offer investment solutions and services for our client partners that create long-term value as part of trusted relationships.
  • Strive to generate Alpha across a diversified range of product offerings, based on our investment convictions.
  • Draw on our longstanding and deep knowledge of financial markets to constantly improve investment strategies which can perform across different market cycles.
  • Build on our proven expertise to tailor our investment solutions to the specific client needs.


  • Act as a responsible and entrepreneurial partner, understanding local needs through the proximity of our teams and our global offering reach.
  • Build on our team’s long-term common track record and new talent to foster a collaborative environment excelling at client service and support.
  • Be an active advocate of Environmental, Social, and Governance principles to foster Sustainable and Responsible awareness among the financial community.
  • Accompany our clients and partners in their own successful development and growth through a shared long-term vision at every level of our organization.

Backed by a parent company with whom we share long-term corporate values, we have a deep belief in client centricity. We always seek a strong client alignment and a positive impact on our stakeholders.

Risk management

Very early on, Candriam set up a dedicated risk management department, now composed of a large team of experienced experts. The Chief Risk Officer is a member of our Executive Committee.

Transparency and responsiveness

Providing a regular flow of pertinent information to our clients is one of our top priorities. We share our knowledge and expertise in a responsible, transparent and timely manner so that they can make decisions from a position of strength. We also regularly organise client events at which we discuss topics of interest such as our investment processes, market trends and original research.